Concourse Shopping Centre & The Local Community

Showcase a good cause, community service or local talent here at The Concourse Shopping Centre. 

At the Concourse, we have a variety of promotional spaces on the shopping mall. These spaces are available to community groups and local charities free of charge to raise awareness and promote what they do.
If you are a business, please get in touch for our rates.

We also have a schedule of events throughout the year, so if you are a performer, local charity, local group or business and want to be involved in a centre event, please get in touch for further information or to discuss your ideas.

If you are interested in any of the above, please contact our Interim Retail Marketing Manager, Anne Peters for further information.


Town Centre Partnership

The Concourse Shopping Centre works with key businesses and organisations in the comuumity to ensure the continued success of Skelmersdale. The centre has built strong relationships with key stakeholders including the council, educational providers, key retailers and charities/groups in the local area.  

For more details or to register your interest, contact the Interim Retail Marketing Manager, Anne Peters on 01695 723799 or email